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Number Theory: Why Cryptography Works by Jeffrey Rabovsky

Recorded August 02, 2016 at ChicagoRuby: Downtown

Why does cryptography actually work? Cryptography is based on number theory. This presentation will touch on things like: what Number Theory is, why primes are important, why factoring is hard, how this allows us to build cryptosystems (e.g. RSA), and maybe some unsolved problems (there are many!) in Number Theory.

About Jeffrey Rabovsky

Jeffrey Rabovsky is a DevOps Engineer at Jellyvision. He has been interested in building software since high school and has been doing so professionally since 2011. Jeffrey studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Iowa, where he also ended up with minors in Math and Computer Science. His past interests include microcontrollers and embedded systems, but today he mostly writes server-side code.

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