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ETLS - Not Just for Enterprise by Mark Yoon

Recorded October 04, 2016 at ChicagoRuby: Downtown

Extract, translate, and load (ETL) are steps used to prepare data for reporting. We might think that data warehousing or “big data” is just for the enterprise. But most of us perform these tasks, just at a smaller scale. That one-off rake task? Almost never one-off. Pulling from APIs? Endpoints throttle requests and users paste randomly encoded characters into your text fields. This talk will walk through basic ETL and dimensional modeling concepts applied with an example project.

About Mark Yoon

Mark Yoon designs and develops web and mobile applications at Table XI. He believes that user experience and creativity are essentials of software development, and that technology is just a small part of addressing the diversity of human need. He is an amateur woodworker, metalworker, and sailor.

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