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A Rubyist's Journey into Ethereum by Dave Hoover

Recorded June 07, 2016 at ChicagoRuby: Downtown

While Bitcoin is the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, Ethereum is on the rise. One of Ethereum’s most compelling innovations is providing a Turing-complete programming language on top its blockchain. It’s programmable money! This talk will introduce the fundamentals of Ethereum, and and then demonstrate how to program in Solidity, the most popular programming language that runs on top of Ethereum’s virtual machine. Details.

About Dave Hoover

Dave Hoover started learning Ruby in 2002, and was using it in earnest in 2005 when Rails hit the scene. Dave was a partner at Obtiva, a Chicago-based, Ruby-focused dev shop that was acquired by Groupon in 2011. While at Obtiva, Dave used Ruby to build the first version of, as well as make some early contributions at Groupon. He published Apprenticeship Patterns in 2010, a guide for people wanting to improve themselves as software developers. In 2012, Dave joined Dev Bootcamp, and founded the Chicago location in 2013. Nowadays, Dave has returned to his roots and is a freelance software developer. His primary focus is building software on Ethereum as a member of the team at ConsenSys. He mainly works from his family’s home in Wheaton.

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