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Serverless by Darren Holland

Recorded February 02, 2016 at ChicagoRuby Downtown

The talk will explore the recent trend toward rich, thick-client applications talking directly to cloud data stores and cloud-based services for protected workloads & service orchestration. The “serverless” approach enables organizations to focus on code instead of infrastructure by taking advantage of managed cloud services. To be clear, this concept doesn’t entirely do away with servers, but places the responsibility for managing, securing, and patching them onto the service provider. This discussion will explore the current ecosystem of products and services available for taking advantage of the “serverless” architecture as well as some strategies for use in your own implementation.

About Darren Holland

Darren Holland is a software engineer at Position Technologies building enterprise local search and listings management solutions. Before joining Position Technologies, Darren supported Navy and DoD systems as a government contractor. Darren enjoys building applications on Unix-like systems, reasoning about code, and experimenting with new technologies.

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