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How I Turned Butter into an Heroku Add On by Jake Lumetta

Recorded August 04, 2015 at ChicagoRuby Downtown

Butter is a modern blog alternative for your Rails app. Butter’s Heroku add-on provides you with push-button blog functionality that is designed to integrate right into your existing Rails app. With Butter, you’ll have your blog running in seconds. There’s nothing to host, and you never need to upgrade or patch it. Butter serves up your images via CDN to deliver your content instantly and comes built-in with SEO goodness.

About Jake Lumetta

Jake Lumetta is a Chicago entrepreneur who loves building great products. He’s experienced the pain of setting up one too many Wordpress blogs and wants to save fellow Rails brethren and sistren from the same pain. Currently Jake is the lead engineer at Choose Energy. Formerly CTO at Power2Switch, Jake has been in various engineering and product roles his entire career.

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