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Anatomy of a DDoS Attack & Adventures of the Packet by Aaron Kalin

Recorded March 03, 2015 at ChicagoRuby Downtown

Anatomy of a DDoS Attack: Take a quick look behind the scenes of a recent Distributed Denial of Service attack against DNSimple as told by a system administrator at DNSimple. Get a general idea of the scope of attack, potential reasons why someone would target a DNS service, and ways to mitigate these attacks in the future. Adventures of the Packet: Web Edition How far would you travel to deliver one web request? Trace a request from the browser address bar to the server and back to highlight all the services, protocols, and coordination that have to take place. What does it take to make that cute cat gif appear so quickly in your browser? Find out just how much it takes.

About Aaron Kalin

Aaron Kalin is a software engineer at DNSimple.

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