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RUST by Anthony Broad-Crawford

Recorded January 06, 2015 at ChicagoRuby Downtown

Despite the challenges of new languages, a majority of developers are intrigued about the idea of becoming a polyglot, but don’t know where to begin or don’t have the time. However, there is one language of late that is the sure-fire answer to the above questions - Rust. In this talk, explore the value behind becoming more polyglotic as a developer, how to pick languages to learn, and then dive deep in the the language of Rust, which might be hands down the best up and coming language to learn.

About Anthony Broad-Crawford

Anthony Broad-Crawford has been a developer since the year 2000 with a short side stint as a semi-professional poker player. Since his transition to software development Anthony has: 1. Built 8 patent-receiving technologies 2. Founded two global companies 3. Been a CTO (3x), CPO (1x), and CEO (1x), and is currently the CTO at Fooda where he manages product, user experience, and engineering. Fooda is predominantly web and mobile technology company focused on bringing great & healthy food from the best restaurant’s to people while at the office. Through his career in production applications, Anthony has used Ruby, Java, Jave (Android), Objective-C and Swift, .NET, Erlang, Scala, Node.JS, LISP, Smalltalk, and even assembly, with his recent favorite, Rust . No, not all at the same time in the same application. Anthony now spends his time building great teams that leverage great technology to build great products, but still looks to codes every chance he can get. :)

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