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Cucumber Ain't Bad - You're Just Doing It Wrong by Attila Domokos

Recorded December 02, 2014 at ChicagoRuby Downtown

The cry from developers is unanimous: “I don’t like Cucumber. My acceptance tests are brittle and hard to maintain!” And in fact, they can be. This presentation will show you what tools and techniques you should use to write independent, stateless step definitions that can be weaved together to form a testing DSL.

About Attila Domokos

Attila Domokos leads the engineering side of Hireology, a Chicago based software company focused on hiring analytics. He is passionate about quality, and believes that well crafted and tested software is an essential ingredient to a business’ success. Attila is an avid contributor to open source software. He writes in his blog and talks at national conferences about his passion: how to write simple and elegant code that is easy to maintain. He loves running and practices classical music on his piano when he is not thinking about software.

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