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Augmented Ruby: The Rubinius Language Platform by Brian Shirai

Recorded March 04, 2014 at ChicagoRuby Downtown

Ruby is a powerful, expressive, and beautiful programming language. But like all programming languages, Ruby makes tradeoffs between the features it supports and those it does not. As a consequence, some people find other programming languages more suitable for a particular problem. However, switching languages is potentially costly and usually requires learning entirely different tool chains. What if we could keep Ruby and only use a different language where it is most needed for specific parts of an application? This talk will introduce Rubinius and focus on features of the platform that make it simple to implement other programming languages.

About Brian Shirai

Brian Shirai is the maintainer of Rubinius and creator of RubySpec. He recently relocated to Chicago to join Enova and has been enjoying the beautiful Chicago sunrises on clear days. He’s looking forward to clear days that don’t include -26ºF wind chill.

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