ChicagoRuby is a group of developers & designers who use Ruby, Rails, and related tech.

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Polyglot Night by ChicagoRuby

Recorded December 03, 2013 at ChicagoRuby Downtown

Four Languages. 15 Minutes Each. The best developers are polyglot. If you are already comfortable with Ruby, what languages might you explore next? The ChicagoRuby Polyglot Night will present four separate languages in 15-minute chunks. Come on out and let’s learn together!

About ChicagoRuby

• Clojure - with Colin Jones (@trptcolin) of 8th Light • Go - with Jack Christensen ( of Hashrocket • Elixir - JC Grubbs (@thegrubbsian) of DevMynd • Scala - Blake Smith (@blakesmith) of TempoDB

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