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Data Visualization by Vanessa Shen

Recorded August 06, 2013 at ChicagoRuby Downtown

As it becomes easier and easier for companies to collect huge amounts of information, people are realizing that they are sitting on terabytes of data whose insights they haven’t explored. Data visualization allows people to detect patterns and relationships in data that would otherwise remain hidden. It brings out the human element in vast seas of numbers and exposes stunning narratives that might otherwise stay untold. Data visualization alone can make millions of numbers understandable in a single glance. But making effective visualizations involves more than just plopping some numbers into a charting tool. There are concrete goals to consider before typing a single line of code. This presentation will cover goals, examples, resources, and tools so that next time you’re curious about what’s in the data, you’ll know how to find out.

About Vanessa Shen

Vanessa Shen is a data visualization designer/developer based in Chicago. Her first chart was drawn in a childhood diary one Halloween night - a bar chart depicting how many of each type of candy she collected - and she’s been obsessed with revealing patterns and relationships hidden in data ever since. She is thrilled that making charts is a real job.

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