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Spree by Kyle Crum

Recorded June 04, 2013 at ChicagoRuby Downtown

If you develop web applications long enough, you will probably come across the need to implement an e-commerce site. What starts out as a simple money for a product transaction quickly turns into the need to process returns, apply various regional taxes, differentiate shipping costs, track inventory and much more. Fortunately, the open source Ruby community has given you a starting point with Spree. Kyle Crum will walk through how Spree works as well as present some of the downsides and pitfalls associated with it.

About Kyle Crum

Kyle Crum is a freelance Ruby/Rails/iOS developer who remembers starting an app when Rails hit 1.0. He’s worked for various Chicago outfits, and more recently, with people on either coast. He recently became acquainted with Spree during a furious 3-week re-write from a custom e-commerce solution to a solution built on top of Spree. He likes beer.

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