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Meteor by Pallavi Anderson

Recorded February 06, 2013 at ChicagoRuby Downtown (Braintree)

Slides on Speakerdeck Video Note: We experienced a glitch during the first fifteen minutes, and some of the video was lost. We apologize for the problem. Most of the video remains intact. Many web developers came to Ruby through Rails. Ever since Rails came out, the watch has been on for the “Rails of X”. Meteor may be the Rails of JavaScript, and it’s not unreasonable to expect some ideas coming full circle back to Ruby on Rails in the future. Meteor is the first open-source full stack platform for developing and deploying end-to-end JavaScript applications. With observable server side models, live DOM updates, hot code pushes, latency compensation and smart synchronization baked in, it’s a leap forward in making real time collaborative web applications. We will take a quick look at Meteor - where it came from, what it is capable of today, and where it seems to be headed. We’ll also have a brief code walk-through and demonstration of a project implemented in Backbone and Meteor.

About Pallavi Anderson

Presented by Pallavi Anderson @pkaushik

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