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Presenters and View Models in Rails by Karthik Muthupalaniappan

Recorded April 05, 2016 at ChicagoRuby Downtown

Helpers in Rails have always been second-class citizens. They have been abused in most Rails projects, burgeoning into unmaintainable chunks of code. This talk will explore how View models and Presenters can serve as a cleaner and much more elegant alternative to the use of conventional Rails helpers. It will also attempt to present situations where the two can be leveraged in a Rails project.

About Karthik Muthupalaniappan

Karthik Muthupalaniappan is a software craftsman, clean code enthusiast, music lover and Apple adorer. He has been engineering software for over 13 years and loves using, building and promoting software that solves problems. He is currently with SPR Consulting as a Principal Architect helping clients design and build software solutions using disparate technology stacks in Ruby, Java, Javascript, etc.

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