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Using Ampere for Super-Fast Data Caching Awesomeness by Max Stahl

Recorded October 02, 2012 at ChicagoRuby Downtown

In the realm of edgy new database technologies, Redis is the new kid on the block, but how to best use it for your app can be a daunting question. Redis excels at super-fast caching, but what if you need to cache something more complicated than just text? Enter Ampere, the Ruby ORM for Redis. Ampere is inspired by other ORMs that came before it, like Mongoid and DataMapper, uses a similar API, and it brings meaningful data structures and relationships to the Redis party. Want to cache a blog post that has many comments? No problem! Need to write an event-driven app that needs backup from a super-fast data store but don’t want to figure out how to use Redis yet? Ampere’s got you covered. Join the party and find out how.

About Max Stahl

Max Stahl is a maker, a homebrewer, a mechanic, and a software engineer at Trunk Club. He sometimes writes cool web apps for fun, and contributes to open source projects. He can often be found pair-programming with his cats or rebuilding old motorcycles in his garage.

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