ChicagoRuby is a group of developers & designers who use Ruby, Rails, and related tech.

Who We Are

We are ChicagoRuby, a group of Ruby and Ruby on Rails enthusiasts. Our meetings are a place where we share our knowledge and excitement about the language and the framework. Sign up at to get the exact date, time, and location for each meeting.

If you would like to start and grow a user group near you, check out this article: How to Grow a User Group.

Our History

ChicagoRuby has its roots in two Ruby user groups that merged in July 2009: Chirb and ChicagoRuby. Today, ChicagoRuby has grown to over 4,000 members and has held hundreds of free meetups throughout the Chicagoland area.

Meet our Organizers

Organizer Alumni